-92 galant ECU

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I decided to register to this forum because you guys here seem to know a lot more about these ECUs than any other forum I've visited so far.
Looking through these posts with Google translator is kinda hard thought so I'm postin this and hoping that someone can help me.

My galant has ECU numbered MD173635 and the car itself is 2.0 liter SOCH.
I have changed all the capacitor to the ECU and burnt resistor ar R101 (15 ohms 1W).
After the capacitor change the car started giving me Check Engine light and Throttle position sensor and idle speed controller error codes.

Car starts fine, idle on cold is very low. Around 500rpm. When engine heats up the idle goes to normal but CE-light still stays on.
Any ideas what's wrong?
CE-light started burning after the capacitor change, before that it didn't give any error codes.
Is it possible that one of the capacitor connections in the circuit board is cut and it does this and if so any idea what connections relate to idle control?
All the components on ECU look like they're ok.

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Jee, super, tak to jsem nečekal, že tu hodnotu odporu nakonec najdu tady  ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
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